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Break through! 


Mindset + Health + Lifestyle


These sessions will help you:
  • break through limiting beliefs & fears
  • find clarity and calm
  • manage stress & stay balanced
  • learn empowering tools
  • create habits that nourish body & spirit
  • feel self loving & let your inner light shine bright! 
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I use a unique combination of skills to support powerful transformation. 

I am a trained practitioner of

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Matrix Re-imprinting
  • Habit Science
  • Ayurvedic Health Coaching
  • Neuroscience
  • Yoga  
  • Meditation

In sessions we use powerful techniques to cut straight through limiting beliefs and follow it up with simple practices to support your break through in daily life.



Individual Sessions

These are deeply empowering and transformational sessions that help you break through limiting mindsets holding you back and re-imprint a new perspective and behaviour pattern that supports you in thriving. 

(via Zoom or in Sydney)  

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The Re-set Program

A one month intensive coaching program integrating individual sessions plus my online Yoga Lifestyle program. This is for you if you’re ready to re-set and make powerful lasting change in mind, habits and lifestyle. 

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A great teacher has really taught me some great information and wisdom.

Really feeling the energy and knowledge of a teacher in a yoga class is how I’d describe Morgan’s classes. Knowledge of philosophy, anatomy and love of life just flows and shines in her class.

Since working with Morgan on a one on one level I’ve felt more enlightened, understand my breath more, and the understanding of how to transition with integrity in practice has blown my mind.

I must also add that my outlook and perception on my thoughts have changed and a great home practice has been achieved. The yoga evolution course provided me with an all round look at philosophy, ayurveda and how to incorporating yoga in to my daily life with such simple concepts. Thank you!

Samantha Jarvis

My heart is filled with absolute gratitude when I think about how much my life has improved since meeting you Morgan. 

After having the opportunity to experience an EFT session with you, I am still amazed at how powerful this really was. Before the session I was feeling completely stuck in my thoughts surrounding my career. I felt trapped in my current job, not knowing which direction to go in and just feeling that what I was doing was not right. These negative feelings were consuming me and making me miserable.

During the session with you, you clearly explained how we were going to use tapping to work through this emotional blockage in my life. The process is so easy and you made me feel comfortable and calm straight away. As we progressed through the session, you had great insight on my issues and helped me to work through each one.

After just 30 minutes, I could not believe how much you had helped me gain a completely new perspective. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I had amazing clarity. The smile on my face was huge! I have now decided to take steps towards my true path in life and I could not have done this without your guidance and brilliance of tapping. I can’t thank you enough. Everyone needs to experience this!

I also highly recommend being part of Morgan’s 10 week Yoga Transformation because it has been a life changer! Going to the workshop has been the highlight of my week, as I look forward to gaining more knowledge and insights about the yogi lifestyle. I love listening to Morgan’s wisdom and being surrounded by like-minded people with great energy. Morgan, you are the most inspirational person that I have met. I am so grateful to call you my mentor, spiritual leader and friend.

Emily Prescott

“Tapping is a wonderful tool. It allows you to find answers to what’s going on inside you. Morgan is a gentle soul who I trust and feel comfortable with to work through life’s challenges.

She creates an environment where I feel as though I can let go. After a session I feel lighter, less anxious and more connected to my heart. I feel more confident to face the world from a place of peace and calm. “

Louise McGraw