Styles of Yoga

Dynamic Hatha – this is a strong, flowing, breath centred style of traditional Hatha Yoga linking postures with slow sun salutations and holding postures to work on alignment and technique. Breath work (pranayama) as well as yoga philosophy is always incorporated. Will build strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and generate greater mindfulness as well as cultivate finding calm in the midst of challenge.

Yin Yoga – yin style classes focused on building flexibility by holding stretching poses for 3 to 5 minutes with emphasis on creating space in joints and releasing fascia. Very relaxing and excellent for people looking to gain flexibility, athletes, beginners and those needing more of a meditative practice.

Funky Flow – set to fun music this class is all about freedom of expression through movement. Rather than focusing heavily on alignment, these classes emphasise non-patterned movement, self exploration of body language and releasing blocked mental and emotional energy through liberated movement and dance. We often end up dancing wildly around the room or doing fun partner work.

Classes held at

Qi Health and Yoga (two locations) 


2 Moore Rd, Freshwater NSW 2096


9 The Corso, Manly NSW 2095
qiyoga.net   |    02 9976 6880

One on One Yoga Sessions


Traditionally yoga was only taught in a one on one setting, and that’s because we’re all different and often come with our own unique set of injuries, imbalances and challenges. I recommend everyone get one on one sessions, especially if you have:

  • Injuries or Illness
  • Are just beginning yoga
  • Feel like you’re practice has plateaued and want to improve
  • Want to understand what practices are best for your constitution or life circumstance
  • Learn how to have a home practice

In a one-on-one yoga session with me we’ll focus on your individual needs and goals.  You will learn how to fine tune your practice so that you gain the most benefits from it and make it most appropriate for you.

I will develop a simple practice designed just for you and send you home with pictures of poses and descriptions. This is an excellent way to jump start your yoga practice, deepen an already existing practice or address specific physical issues.


$120 for 75min (at Qi Health and Yoga, 2 Moore Rd, Freshwater 2096 or your home)

* For home visits further than 15 minutes from Freshwater additional $30 charge.

contact info@morganwebert.com

A great teacher has really taught me some great information and wisdom.

Really feeling the energy and knowledge of a teacher in a yoga class is how I’d describe Morgan’s classes. Knowledge of philosophy, anatomy and love of life just flows and shines in her class.

Since working with Morgan on a one on one level I’ve felt more enlightened, understand my breath more, and the understanding of how to transition with integrity in practice has blown my mind.

I must also add that my outlook and perception on my thoughts have changed and a great home practice has been achieved. The yoga evolution course provided me with an all round look at philosophy, ayurveda and how to incorporating yoga in to my daily life with such simple concepts. Thank you!

Samantha Jarvis