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3 Steps to Freedom

July 8th, 2019 | no comments

Freedom isn’t getting what we want. 

Freedom is responding how we want to whatever we get. 

This potent truth bomb came from one of Sadhguru’s lectures I recently listened to and has been echoing through my mind since, reminding me we can’t often control what we get but we can control how we respond to it.

The unfortunate reality is that much of the time we all find ourselves reacting in ways we don’t want to, and often doing it before we even know what’s going on. 

That’s because, according to modern neuroscience, 95% of our thoughts are unconscious. On top of that, the majority of these unconscious beliefs or response patterns have been established by the time we turn 7 years old. 

Even as adults we often react from the little child within us, and our life mirrors what we came to believe as children. Unfortunately it’s often a very limited perspective that doesn’t serve us. 

We slowly become trapped by these underlying limiting beliefs and learned behaviours, defaulting to them in moments of stress. We react with impatience or anger, from a place of unworthiness or doubt and lose control only later to regret it. 

This, as Sadhguru so clearly pointed out, is the opposite of freedom!

So what to do? Great news, you can teach an old dog new tricks! 

Neuroplasticity tells us we can indeed change our thought, emotion and behaviour patterns…even the one’s we’ve had our whole life! 

Below you’ll find a brief outline of the process I use integrating Matrix Re-imprinting EFT, meditation and body awareness to create new response patterns of our choosing…and ultimately freedom from within.

Step 1: Forgive yourself and connect to your inner wise witness. 

Beating ourselves up for reacting doesn’t help, nor is it responding to life in a way that serves us! In fact, beating ourselves up for our reactive behaviour often keeps us in it longer. 

So, as soon as you acknowledge you’re reacting in a way you don’t want to, forgive yourself and then congratulate yourself for noticing. Noticing is the first step to liberation! 

Then, take some deep breaths, pause and access the wise witness within you, the part of you that knows you are more than this situation and experience.  

Get curious about what’s just happened and realise this as an opportunity to liberate yourself from an unconscious cycle that traps you in negative patterns.

Step 2: Make conscious the unconscious & look for the higher truth

Only through seeing the underlying belief patterns can we begin to challenge and change them. 

Explore the beliefs driving your reaction. Ask yourself when you started reacting in this way? What are you believing about this situation? What does it remind you of? What does the reaction feel like in your body? 

Then challenge the underlying belief. Ask, “What is the highest truth?” 

Limiting beliefs always come from limited perspectives. Search for a bigger perspective about your situation.

The highest truth come from the wise witness within you, not from the hurt and scared child. It comes from your compassionate, infinite consciousness not from your small human brain. 

You can feel the difference in your body. The higher truth feels lighter and more at ease, the limiting beliefs trigger patterns of stress and tension. 

Step 3: Visualise how you want to respond & feel where it comes from. 

Take time to really think about and visualise how you want to respond. 

Just visualising and thinking about it starts to generate new neural pathways for that behaviour. The more we mentally rehearse this the easier it is to take action in the heat of the moment and respond rather than react. 

To imprint this deeply meditate on the place within you the wise response is coming from? Breath into that space and feel it. Cultivate a deep connection to it through meditation and simply acknowledging this space within you throughout the day. 

The more we access the space within us that responds consciously the more we operate our lives from that space. 

Reach out if you’d like support with this process. The support of an experienced facilitator and someone to reflect our blind spots can speed this process up tremendously. I work with people in Sydney as well as online via zoom. Inquire via or the link below. 

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