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3 Tips to Find Stability in Constant Change

April 3rd, 2020 | no comments

In this new landscape of constant and rapid change many are struggling to find stability, leading to even more exhaustion, overwhelm and stress. 

Every day we face new information, daily changing rules and laws, job losses, government changes and pretty much everybody’s routines are turned on their heads.

But with a few tips from Ayurveda and Yoga, we can create steadiness from within.

3 Tips to Find Stability in Constant Change

  1. Get Grounded with Food, Movement & Meditation 

From the Ayurvedic perspective instability — such as big change, loss, grief and new routines — are all expressions of the air element, known as Vata. 

Right now our entire planet is experiencing an excess of the air element, a Vata imbalance. 

How do we fix this? 

Simple, we bring the opposite element Earth into our life where we can. 

The opposite of Air is Earth — so we want to increase earth quality foods, exercises and meditations to create steadiness. 

  • Eat earthy foods — root vegetables, hearty grains and warm cooked whole foods. Basically favour heavy, moist and warm foods and eat less raw and cold foods (air quality).
  • Do slower exercises — slow down, hold yoga poses longer, use weights and get into your body daily.
  • Practice grounding meditations — belly breathing, body scanning or focusing on the Earth supporting you. 
  1. Set Identity Based Goals v Results Based Goals

So often we feel stable in life when we’re being productive and achieving our goals. 

But, when we’re confined to home and everything is slowing down, material productivity tends to as well. This can cause us to feel restless and even less stable. 

During lockdowns start setting more Identity Based Goals (i.e. to be peaceful, patient and compassionate) and fewer Results Based Goals (i.e. I’m going to x by x date).

We can achieve an identity based goal any time and anywhere simply by being mindful about our thoughts and remembering we control how we feel. In other words, 

Make your to be list 

more important than your to do list 

and you’ll find stability within. 

  1. Anchor to the Present v. the Plan 

Never before have I heard so many people say, “I’m just taking it day by day.” 

This mindset of taking life moment by moment forces us to be more present, and this is the aim of so many wisdom traditions. 

So often we believe we’re stable because we’ve got a plan, but in the climate of so much unknown it feels almost impossible to make plans.

The reality is, that even when we have plans we don’t have control over so much of how they go. Life, as we all now know, can change in an instant. 

What we do have control over is how we’re showing up in any given moment. 

If we anchor ourselves to the present more than a plan we find a tremendous amount of inner stability, peace and calm. 

To support you in stabilising now, listen to this meditation >> Anchoring to the Present.

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