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7 Steps to Rise & Shine

February 2nd, 2017 | no comments


Not a morning person? I call BS! 

I hear so often, “I’m not a morning person.”

My mental response is alway, “We’re all designed to be morning people, you’re just stuck in a culture pattern that keeps you depleted.”

The other thing I hear ALL of the time is, “I wish I had more energy, how are you so energetic all the time?”

My mental response: “We’re all designed to have natural energy and vitality, you’re just stuck in a culture pattern that keeps you depleted.”

So what is this cultural pattern? 

The modern Western cultural pattern is out of alignment with Nature’s rhythms and our body’s natural rhythms.

It often includes excess mental stimulation and insufficient or aggressive physical stimulation.

It’s an environment full of a million things that disrupt our sleeping patterns and stress out our digestive system.

It’s a world view that keeps our nervous system in overdrive until we get adrenal fatigue or burnout.

And it’s everywhere!

Culture is powerful…but so are we. 

The influence of cultural expectations and media, bottom lines and mortgages is massive and I know from personal and professional experience it’s hard to resist.

The biggest thing that keeps me supported in living a “counter culture” natural life, if you will, is the community and practices that I’ve built through yoga and my yoga lifestyle programs.

We influence each other and create our own culture of living in alignment. 

Just this week I’ve been so inspired by the live calls we’ve had in the 30 Day Evolution program and I love watching how everyone in the program inspires each other to find their power and health.

We all have common struggles and together create solutions. 

For example, this week one of the members of the program shared her struggle with getting up early in the morning.

She loves how she feels after early morning walks before work, but the reality was she rarely got herself out of bed to do them.

Through the work we were doing in the program she realised that her difficulty waking up early wasn’t actually about being tired, it was about the desire to put off all the challenges of the day. Yet this was creating a negative cycle that made her more depleted and with even less energy to face those challenges.

Another example came from a member who always got caught checking emails late at night, and this kept her up and thinking, not sleeping, and thus waking up exhausted day in and day out.

Someone else shared their struggle with late night eating because her husband always came home late, the result always feeling heavy in the morning.

What is the alternative? 

Living closer to the natural way our bodies were designed to live. Aligning to nature generates vitality.

Aligning to Nature Basics:

  1. Wind down with the sun.
  2. Wake up with the sun.
  3. Move consistently & appropriately for your constitution.
  4. Eat according to natures daily and seasonal rhythms.
  5. Slow down more and just be.

Sounds simple right?  Yet, for most of us so hard to actually do! 

My mission in my own life and with these programs is to makes this way of life easier and realistic for all of us while still living in modern culture.

Habit science techniques, a logical and gentle progression of change and community support make it all so much easier.

Today I’m going to give you two simple tips to help you rise with more energy, and 5 steps to start your day right and shine bright.

Tips to Rise: 

Rising with energy means getting good sleep.

  1. Dim the lights in your house when the sun goes down.
  2. Stop looking at screens at least an hour before bed.

Tips to Shine: 

Shining all day means starting it in a way that keeps your energy balanced.

  1. Rise Early. Get up early enough so you don’t feel rushed.
  2. Find Gratitude. Gratitude creates an abundant, calm attitude.
  3. Hydrate. Before you caffeinate, hydrate with water and lemon.
  4. Move & Meditate. Before eating move the body and centre the mind.
  5. Nourish. Eat nutrient rich, high life-force, low calorie foods.


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