EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique,  commonly called “tapping”, is a practice that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with over the last few years. It has helped me overcome long held emotional patterns that negatively effected my life and I now use it to help my clients do the same.

I first learned about EFT over 10 years ago from a doctor of psychology who taught the trauma module in my remedial massage therapy training. At the time we learned the practice of tapping on ourselves, but it wasn’t until I went to an EFT therapist that I experienced the full life changing power of this method.

Because it was so effective in my life and I wanted to share that with my students and clients I did my Level 1 EFT training through AAMET International, the largest professional EFT association worldwide.


EFT & Yoga – Releasing Blocked Energy

Both EFT and Yoga have such profound and tangible results because they work on releasing and clearing blocked energy – the source of our issues – physical, mental, spiritual or otherwise. Just as a stagnant body of water becomes unhealthy, when we are are stagnate in our body disease arises and when we are stuck mentally or emotionally unhealthy behaviours arise.

The solution: get the energy flowing again and shift the stagnate pattern of belief.

Our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system

EFT, Psychological Accupuncture 

The EFT practice is based on the Chinese Medicine System of health through balancing the lines of energy running through our body called Meridians. In the Ayurvedic and Yogic systems these lines of energy are called Nadis.

The practice entails tapping on various accu-pressure points to stimulate energy through our meridian lines, just as acupuncturists balance the body by placing needles along the meridian lines to stimulate stagnant energy.

How does EFT work?

EFT works to clear disruptions in energy and eliminate the resulting emotional response or intensity to restore emotional harmony and offer relief from physical discomfort.

This is done by focusing on the specific problem whilst tapping with fingers on the end points of energy meridians. The combination of sending kinetic energy to our energy system, whilst uncovering and focusing on root causes, facilitates a “straightening out” of the energy system thereby eliminating the “short circuit” to the body’s learnt response or negative emotion.


When do I Use EFT with Clients

  • If you can’t seem to change a bad habit and need to uncover and change the underlying belief driving the habit.
  • For emotional relief from life trauma causing stress and negatively impacting health and wellbeing.
  • To diffuse heightened emotional states that feel out of control and create imbalance.
  • When unable to make decisions and get clear on purpose, direction or life change.
  • To reduce general anxiety and stress.
  • To reduce inflammatory response in the body especially related to injury surgery or chronic pain.

This can be a practice integrated into your coaching session or we can spend the entire session working on releasing blocked emotional energy.


Self Empowering Tool 

Doing an EFT session with me can make huge impacts in a short space of time, but as with all things I do I want you to feel empowered to heal yourself. And that is another reason I love EFT, because you can do it on yourself at home to help diffuse emotions and reduce physical pain.

Any time I use EFT in a session I’ll send you home with a worksheet on how to do the practice yourself so you can keep reaping the benefits of what ever breakthrough came out of the session and maintain your new healthier perspective.


“Tapping is a wonderful tool. It allows you to find answers to what’s going on inside you. Morgan is a gentle soul who I trust and feel comfortable with to work through life’s challenges.

She creates an environment where I feel as though I can let go. After a session I feel lighter, less anxious and more connected to my heart. I feel more confident to face the world from a place of peace and calm. “

Louise McGraw

My heart is filled with absolute gratitude when I think about how much my life has improved since meeting you Morgan. 

After having the opportunity to experience an EFT session with you, I am still amazed at how powerful this really was. Before the session I was feeling completely stuck in my thoughts surrounding my career. I felt trapped in my current job, not knowing which direction to go in and just feeling that what I was doing was not right. These negative feelings were consuming me and making me miserable.

During the session with you, you clearly explained how we were going to use tapping to work through this emotional blockage in my life. The process is so easy and you made me feel comfortable and calm straight away. As we progressed through the session, you had great insight on my issues and helped me to work through each one.

After just 30 minutes, I could not believe how much you had helped me gain a completely new perspective. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I had amazing clarity. The smile on my face was huge! I have now decided to take steps towards my true path in life and I could not have done this without your guidance and brilliance of tapping. I can’t thank you enough. Everyone needs to experience this!

I also highly recommend being part of Morgan’s 10 week Yoga Transformation because it has been a life changer! Going to the workshop has been the highlight of my week, as I look forward to gaining more knowledge and insights about the yogi lifestyle. I love listening to Morgan’s wisdom and being surrounded by like-minded people with great energy. Morgan, you are the most inspirational person that I have met. I am so grateful to call you my mentor, spiritual leader and friend.

Emily Prescott

Morgan’s 10 week course has completely changed my life. Around half way through the course my physiologist looked at me & said “you don’t need to be here anymore, you have changed, you now know what you need & you can take care of yourself. She saw a new light coming out of me which I myself could feel & hear in the way I acted & spoke…

I was referred to Morgan through my doctor after yet again having to up the dose of my thyroid medications due to its lack of effects on my body. I had been living in a stress state for almost a year resulting in acute adrenal fatigue. I was seeing a phycologist trying to figure out what my issues were.  My marriage was a mess, lack of communication, and I had major body image issues & self-hate. I over worked myself and had unrelenting expectations on myself & those around me. I cried all the time, I hated my life situation but had no idea what I needed to change to feel happy again. Nothing was ever enough but in my eyes I had everything sorted, I exercised daily, I ate well, I was keeping on top of 3 jobs along with being a mother, wife & friend.

Against my normal method of thinking (I normally would only sign up to things if knew someone else who was going) I signed up or Morgan’s 10 week life style course. On the very first day it was to start of course I had forgotten & had to flee home sort out dinner for my son & husband & fly off. After meeting the VERY welcoming loving Morgan with her radiant smile the very first question Morgan asked our group was “what are you grateful for today?” After having to think hard my answer was – I am grateful that my son & husband can both cook for themselves allowing me to rush off tonight & be here. BAM there is was. The first thought I had that sent me inwards to realise I don’t live in the present, I don’t value those around me like I should & I live a manic life not realising what a mess I actually am.

Morgan’s 10 week course has completely changed my life. Around half way through the course my physiologist looked at me & said “you don’t need to be here anymore, you have changed, you now know what you need & you can take care of yourself. She saw a new light coming out of me which I myself could feel & hear in the way I acted & spoke. The methods & lessons Morgan has taught me also saved my marriage. We communicate properly, we rarely fight anymore & if we do it’s a little tiff which is quickly rectified. My husband shows more & more love for me each day because now I am lovable. I allow him to love me because now I love myself. I know what it actually means to love myself. My teenage son talks more & more to me because now I know how to actually listen instead of dictate.

There is no monetary value I can put on the love & connection you get when attending this course. The amazing people you meet on this journey become your little family.

Morgan’s courses & teachings are something incredible.

Kirsti Schnitger