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Fear is excitement without breath

July 26th, 2019 | no comments

Fear is just excitement without breath. 

I thought about this phrase many times last weekend snowboarding as I looked down steep slopes that made my knees wobble. “Breathe Morgan breathe,” became my mantra. 

It’s also been a lovely reminder to breathe when facing fears in other parts of life. 

Fear has many faces. 

Fear of putting ourselves out there, fear of saying no, fear around finances, fear of showing our feelings, fear of getting older, fear of rejection or messing up, fear around big life events, relationships, sickness, dreams and more. 

Our basic fear is the fear of the unknown. But wouldn’t it be great to be more excited about life rather than fearful and worried about it? 

Simple equation: Breathe more + find greater clarity = excited about whatever life throws 

Fear in Yoga philosophy is considered one of the four branches of misperception, know as “the veil of Avidya.” 

The human journey and our yoga practices are all about lifting this veil of misperception, and breath is one of our most powerful tools to do so. 

Breathing more deeply changes our nervous system and brain function, allowing us to think more clearly. Our perception heightens, perspective changes, and often with that the fear diminishes if not vanishes. 

So when fear arises remember it’s simply a sign that you’re not seeing clearly. Take a moment to deepen your breath, calm the nervous system and ask yourself what the higher truth or bigger picture is. 

Our body tells us if we’re in fear or in clarity. 

When we’ve landed on the higher truth, it fees like a big sigh of relief and ease. Illusion and misperception, on the other hand, feel like tension, stress and being “frozen with fear.” 

Breath practices in yoga are called Pranayama. Prana = life force energy, and Ayama = non restraint. 

In other words, deep breathing is non-restraint of life force energy. Fear, on the other hand, is a restraint and freezing of that life force energy. 

Fear can be insidious and sometimes we’re running mental programs of fear for so long they just feel normal. But if you find your body holding a lot of tension, chances are you’re subconsciously running on fear based thought patterns. 

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Love and light! 

x Morgan 

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