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I Give Myself Permission to Explore

October 22nd, 2020 | no comments

Exploration is one of the most empowering attitudes and yet I find that the older we get many of us tend not to let ourselves explore life as much.

We can tend to feel we should “have things figured out” or avoid trying something new unless we’re “sure about it.”

But how can we be sure about anything until we try? And is figuring it all out even achievable?

I see so many of my clients, students and friends become paralysed in the face of the unknown rather than excited to explore it because of this pressure to get it right. And I know I’ve felt the same.

But if we take down these unrealistic expectations we place upon ourselves and remember we’re not here to get it right but to explore and discover, then perhaps we would open more easily to the vast possibilities that lay waiting within and around us.

Perhaps we could encourage those possibilities in eachother rather than fear our differences. And perhaps we would simply have more fun with life!

I’m letting go of having to get things right. I’m letting go of feeling sure before I do it. And I’m giving myself permission to explore the possibilities, fully knowing that many of them I won’t like. Also knowing many of them I might not have expect to like I will.

We are all born curious with a strong desire to explore, and it’s one of the reasons our species has been so adaptable.

Let’s bring back our childlike curiosity and sense of exploration and see if we can’t discover better ways to live, love, connect, create and take care of each other and the world.

This permission to explore also gives us the permission to say we tried and it’s not working, rather then stick to something that doesn’t serve just because we don’t want to be seen as wrong. I see far too much of this in politics and in all adults really.

How about we give ourselves permission to explore the unknown and admit when we’re wrong WITHOUT shame. Wouldn’t this loving approach be so much more delightful?!


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