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I’ve Been Bipolar This Week  

August 13th, 2016 | no comments


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But I got by with a little help from my friends…and yoga! 

This week I went on a rollercoaster of self doubts and insecurities that I thought were far in the past, and although it wasn’t fun, the experience made me even more grateful for my yoga practice and friends (not to mention my amazing mother).

Sure yoga will get us fit and healthy with lustrous skin and shining yes, but to me, even more magical and important is the way my practice anchors and supports me when I’m feeling low, self critical or overwhelmed.

I thought so many times this week, “Thank god I have these tools!”

That’s how I look at all the practices and philosophical perspectives, as tools or skills, that bring us back to higher truth and balance. To the way of living that allows us to thrive.

These tools are thousands of years old because humans have struggled with the same issues for millennia. I love thinking about that. It reminds me that I am SO not alone with my human downfalls and struggles. This inspires me to share them with others, which is always liberating and empowering, not only for myself, but who ever I share my truth with.

That’s why friends and community are so important, and why I see so much powerful positive change in my yoga lifestyle courses as people in the groups share their ups and down, laugh and cry together, dissolve the pressure of trying to be perfect and ultimately support each other in thriving from deep within.

Twice this week I was so inspired by other’s living bravely and being vulnerable. 

First, one of my students shared a testimonial about her experience in the course that was so truthful and open (read here). She also expressed how happy she was to share her honest experience knowing that it would give others permission to share theirs, and that permission was exactly what helped her break through her own struggles.

Second, I watched an interview with Brene Brown, who is quickly becoming one of my heros. Her whole career is based on understanding the psychology of shame and vulnerability, and in this interview broadcast to thousand she walked the talk by telling really personal stories about her faults.

Listening I immediately started laughing about my insecurities and fears. Not because I thought they were small or stupid, but because I just understood they were part of life and would pass. The power they had over me immediately diffused.

Brene Brown also gives tools to deal with overpowering nature of shame and fear, and again she had me laughing out loud when I saw her speak about this in Sydney last year. She said something along the lines of, “I was really hoping this wouldn’t be the answer, but those yoga people know how to deal with this. Focus on the breath, be mindful. I hate the word mindful! But it works.”

If you’re ready for tools that are so, so much more than simple healthy living tips, but a dive into the source of our being where we find our greatest strengths and inspirations, then you’re ready for the yoga lifestyle courses. If you’re ready to share this journey with other brave souls then you won’t want to miss this.

Courses start next weekend, details below.


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