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LOVE is in the air!

May 14th, 2019 | no comments
No it’s not Valentines, nor is it Spring (in Australia at least)…but LOVE is in the air!  

My heart and mind and body have been exploding with it lately.

Every breath I’m hit with it… it’s bouncing off the waves crashing under a bright blue sky…echoing in the laughter of the little kid running down the grocery isle…steeped in the wrinkled skin of the old couple power walking at sunrise…

It’s also in the mom struggling to get her crying kid in the car…in the tired look on dad’s face coming home from work… it’s the furrowed brow of a friend listening with concern…and the passionate fists of protestors.

LOVE is everywhere! 

It’s a current underneath so many of our actions. 

It’s the driving force of life…even when we don’t realise it. 

Dig deep enough my friend and you will find the fire of LOVE. 

I’m not talking fairy tale chocolate hearts love…I’m talking universal big bang holy $#*&! I’m alive LOVE! 

Love for life, Love for messiness, Love for mystery, Love for discovery, and creation and death and recreation…love for the whole shebang. 

It’s everywhere, it’s in everyone and everything…and yet we miss it.

What spec of dirt gets stuck in our eyes that makes LOVE elusive? 

I don’t exactly know, but I do know some pretty amazing ways to cleanse our eyes, wipe off our lenses and begin to see this all powerful force between, beneath and within everything. 

And I’m sooooo excited to share them with you in my upcoming workshop The Love Code at Qi Yoga. Workshop details here >> THE LOVE CODE

If you can’t make the workshop, start with this simple practice.


1. Place both hands over your heart, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths into your heart centre.

2.  Remember that the miracle of life is unfolding within you! It’s making your heart beat and lungs fill…and that impulse for LIFE is universal LOVE. See yourself as a mysterious amazing masterpiece shapeshifting and unfolding in every single heart beat and breath. 

3. Remember that everything and everyone else is also a miracle unfolding…then open your eyes and gaze in awe at what/who ever is in front of you and let your self fall in love with it all!  

Do this at least once a day (it only takes 5 min) and I promise you your life will change! 

So much LOVE to you my friends! 

P.S. My upcoming Bali Retreat is like a week long love bomb of amazingness, and spots fill quickly so contact me soon if you’re interested. 
More retreat info here. 
The Love Code

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