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How to See Problems as Opportunities

October 20th, 2017 | no comments

“Try to see no one, and nothing, as the enemy – or even the problem.

Cultivate the technique of seeing all problems as opportunities.”

– Neal Donald Walsch 


It’s been an inspiring week reflecting on this quote in my personal life, classes and programs! 

The conversations that have unfolded and insights popping up proved that this simple inquiry is massively powerful!

All week I’ve simply been asking, “What is the opportunity here?”

And man, when we ask that, especially about the frustrating moments and tough shit, in my experience the opportunities come jumping out and the stress starts slipping away. 

Why?! Because at the heart of asking this question is the opportunity to learn about ourselves, and this is ALWAYS empowering. 

The practice of learning about ourselves in yoga is called Svadyaya, and I’ve always loved the break down of this Sankskrit word. 

‘Sva’ means ‘self’ and ‘adyaya’ means to ‘get closer to.’ So, self study is the process of getting closer to yourself. How beautiful is that?! 

This practice of self study always empowers us because 

  1. It gives us the space to see who and how we want to be (or not be) in the world. 
  2. It leads us to discover our strength, and 
  3. It guides us on the path to being our best selves.  

Every time we take on a big challenge it becomes the most amazing opportunity to discover our personal strength.

So how do we cultivate this technique?

  1. STOP. Stop repeating the story of the problem over and over again. Stop the reacting. Stop the complaining. Stop the stressing. Easiest way to stop all of this: take a deep breath, feel your body, and get present. The body only lives in the present. The mind lives in future, past and all sorts of make-believe lands. 
  1. ASK. “What is the opportunity here?” Do it again, “What is the opportunity here?” and again, “What is the opportunity here?”
  1. THANK. Once you have acknowledged your opportunity, thank the “problem” for bringing this to you. 
  1. RESOURCE. Identify a resource that will help you continue to see this as an opportunity. For example, a reminder on your computer or phone to take three deep breaths every few hours. A phrase that anchors you in your truth. A visual reminder. Yoga to stay present in breath and body.  

I’ve loved hearing everyone share the opportunities arising for them this week and would love to hear yours, so please share with us below! 

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