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Simple Life Hack for Balanced Digestion with Ayurveda

February 24th, 2017 | no comments

Ever try to eat healthy food but ending up with poor digestion anyway? 

It can be so frustrating right?! 

Here’s a little life hack for you from Ayurveda: not all “healthy” foods are healthy for everybody. 

I’ve seen it again and again, someone goes on a raw food diet or does a juice detox and ends up more bloated and less energised, while another person does the same raw food diet and ends up feeling on top of the world. 

What’s the give? Why does raw food work for some people and not for others? 

According to Ayurveda, we each have different digestive types, and “healthy eating” must support your digestive type otherwise it may end up creating aggravation, inflammation and even worse digestion. 

To find the right healthy food for you, get to know your digestive type.

Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India, identifies three digestive types. 

Very simply, the three digestive types are: 

  1. Irregular (Vishama) – Alternating too fast, too slow, irregular hunger patterns, bloating and gas. 
  2. Sharp (Tikshan) – Too fast, excessive acidity, always hungry and thirsty, heart burn and loose stool. 
  3. Slow  (Manda) – Slow and heavy digestion, prone to dairy allergies and constipation.

There is a fourth digestive type that all of these types can achieve: Balanced (Sama). 

Balanced digestions means digesting at a normal rate, not too fast or too slow, no bloating, gas, loose stool, constipation or digestive discomfort. 

Sounds nice eh? We can all balance our digestion with some simple understanding of what foods and ways of eating support our digestive type. 

The path to Balanced Digestion looks different for each of us.  

Irregular digestive types reflect too much air in the system, know as Vatta in Ayurveda, and must eat foods that reduce air (less raw food and legumes) as well as create regular meal times to stabilise and train the digestive system into a regular pulsation of hunger. 

Sharp digestives types reflect too much fire in the system, known as Pita, and must avoid acid producing foods (spices, meats and oils) as well and be mindful about the attitude in which their eating so as not to create more acidic indigestion (stress creates acidity). 

Slow digestive types reflect too much earth and water in the system, known as Kapha, and must take extra measures to stoke their digestive fire as well as avoid foods that create dampness and heaviness (diary and grains) in the digestive track. 

Ayurveda has created full food lists for each digestive type and general guidelines that are easy to follow and make little tweaks to how you approach food, and trust me they make a huge difference. 

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