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On spiders and facing fears

February 9th, 2018 | no comments

I’ve been working on my fear of spiders lately (a must for living in Australia) and yesterday I almost ran face first into a massive spider on north head.

Normally I would get the heebejeebies, squeal like a little girl and run faster. But yesterday I had to STOP just so I didn’t make out with this gangly legged creature with fangs…and then I made myself STAY there and just stare at the spider in her web.

“Just watch her, calm down,” I told myself. In almost no time my repulsion had dissolved and I found my self mesmerised by the fluttering of the web, her delicate spinning, the intricate patterns on her tiny little legs.

Simply by facing this fear and staying to see it more clearly, this monster turned into magic. I was reminded how transformational facing fears with a calm mind kind be…and that this is the heart of yoga.

Our life transforms when we learn how to be less reactive and see more clearly. This is yoga and this is why I call my 10 week lifestyle course the Yoga TRANSFORMATION.

I can’t wait to start this magical course next Monday!

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