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Spring Cleanse Kick-Start

September 22nd, 2017 | no comments

Workshop Oct 8, 9-12am


A special morning workshop at Qi Yoga Freshwater to align to Spring, Spirit and Self-care.

The session will include:

  • Practice + Home-Care Guide
  • 30 min Purifying Hatha Breath & Body Practice
  • 30 min Deep Restoration Yin & Meditation Practice
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition for Spring with Food Guidelines + Worksheets
  • Spring Renewal Intention Setting Ceremony

There’s change in the air, I can feel it, and it’s damn exciting! 

I’ve just come back to the Northern Beaches from a big trip abroad feeling renewed and full of energy and I can feel that same energy all around me as spring sun draws us out of hibernation.

Spring is the natural time for new beginnings, new ideas, new expressions and explorations…but all this newness takes energy and the doldrums of winter can sometimes leave us feeling heavy and lack lustre. 

If this is you, have no fear, Yoga and Ayurveda are here! I’ve got some really simple practices that will help you spring cleanse and find your vitality to pursue those new ideas and dreams. 

We all know yoga is more than just stretching, it’s a way of living, and we work on four main areas: breath, body, mind and nutrition.

Enjoy my tips below to get a spring in your step for this season, and if you love this join me for the Spring Cleanse Kick-Starter Workshop on Oct 8.

4 Tips to Spring Cleanse and Feel Energised

1. BREATH – Each morning do 2-3 rounds of “Breath of Fire” when you get up. 

How: Take 30-50 strong, short exhale breaths through the nose (as if blowing your nose) then rest and breath deeply for 10 breaths. Repeat 2-3 times. 
Why: Increases oxygen to tissues and brain (hello clarity of mind) and detoxifies body (good-bye winter cobwebs). 

2. BODY – Get your heart rate up for at least 10- 20 minutes each morning and do twisting movements. 

How: Yoga Sun Salutations, vigorous walks, surfing, dancing (put on some tunes and dance around while you get ready, best way to start the day!). 
Why: Increased circulation detoxifies the body, kick starts metabolism and digestive movements and stimulates the mind. 

3. MIND – Set an intention for how you want to feel. If we’re clear on how we want to feel we more easily take actions and make decisions that match and lead us to our dreams. 

How: What’s your new vision for this spring? How does it make you feel? Write that word on sticky notes and plaster them around your house, office and car.
Why: Stay focused on the feeling and the right actions follow! 

4. FOOD – We’ve got to fuel this new vision to make it happen, and if you’re not eating food to energise you it will be an uphill battle. 

How: Best foods for spring are light, bitter, fresh. Think more leafy greens, lemon water, sprouts and herbs and less dairy, root veggies and heavy foods. 
Why: Fresh food creates a fresh body and mind! 

Want more? Join me for the Spring Cleanse Kick-Starter Workshop on Oct 8!

Ready to go deep and really transform your life? Join me for the next 10 Week Yoga Lifestyle Transformation starting Oct 16. 

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