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The secret power of slow (and how to find it day to day)

September 19th, 2018 | no comments

It’s so good to be back in Sydney Spring after running an absolutely magical retreat in Bali (and already excited for the upcoming Australia retreat)!

I was reminded how powerful the simple act of stopping and slowing down can be.

And I feel a renewed commitment to find slow in my daily life, as well as help you find it too (see below)!

I saw the power of slow not only in the transformations of the people on retreat, but also from taking time out for myself afterwards. 

After the retreat I went to a sleepy surf town in Sumbawa with my partner where (aside from awesome waves) there were only three places to eat, the internet worked maybe 20% of the time and the power seemed to go out at least once a night, and…it was PERFECT! 

I was forces to slow down, day dream, go on long walks, do yoga, read and NOT busy myself with work or emails or social media or news. 

The result: I feel so refreshed and clear. 

In Ayurveda they say that whatever we don’t digest becomes toxic,and digestion is not just about food, but also about all the experiences of our life!

We need to digest our emotions, ideas, physical experiences, mental challenges, information overload and our ever changing lives, otherwise it accumulates as stress impacting us mentally, physically and socially. 

When we stop and slow down, digestion of everything naturally happens…and we move into greater balance.

We can’t go on retreats or holidays all the time, but we can find ways to slow down and support digestion in our every day life. 

Life is simply an accumulation of days, so how we live our day determines how we live our life. 

That is why I’m so focused on teaching simple, daily tools from the Ayurvedic and Yogic traditions in my programs, retreats and workshops. 

And I’m super excited to dive into the next round of my 10 Week Transformation course and show you how to find the calm and space we all so desperately need. 

We systematically design days that support us individually to thrive, and learn how to carve out time for self care in the context of a modern busy life to prevent illness, overwhelm and burnout. 

Learn more here >> 10 Week Transformation 

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