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Welcoming Winter, the Secret to Restoring

June 1st, 2019 | no comments

It’s taken me a long time to welcome winter. I’ve chased summer for the passed 10 years always escaping the cold for tropical travels. 

But, this year I’m welcoming the winter as a way to welcome and honour wholeness…in myself, in others and in all ways. I’m not running away from the dark, but rather embracing the regenerative nature of this season…a vital aspect of the whole. 

We’re often made to feel something is wrong with us if we slow down, introvert, put on a little winter weight and hibernate. But the truth is nothing could be more natural or right. 

The Winter, the dark, the slow and the shadow elements of life have been feared for thousands of years, but, that wasn’t always the case. They were once revered. Matriarchal nature worshiping people understood that death implies rebirth and welcomed the dark winter as a gift of renewal.

On this first day of Winter in the Southern hemisphere I’m choosing to welcome Winter, slow and sleep, hot cups of tea and journaling time. I’m welcoming my shadows that I might not have time to embrace and listen to the rest of the year, and I’m celebrating this beautiful life giving part of nature’s cycles. 

Embracing our wholeness is one of the quickest ways to feel that mighty force of UNIVERSAL LOVE, which leads to acceptance, self love, peace and connection. We’ll explore this powerful practice further in my upcoming workshop The Love Code at Qi Yoga on June 16th. 

Workshop details here >> THE LOVE CODE

Happy first day of Winter from down under! 

x Morgan 

I am going tropical in September (can’t resist), hosting my annual Bali Retreat which only has two spots left! More retreat info here. 

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