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Yoga Practices For Spring 

September 25th, 2018 | no comments

The onset of Spring inspires us to cleanse not only our home, but our body, mind and lifestyle. Yoga helps us purify, tone and cleanse our tissues as well as move out stagnation energetically, mentally and emotionally. 

In Spring we work to lift our energy out of Winter lethargy, increase circulation to flush out built up waste, and stimulate the immune and digestive system — and we can do all of this with a few simple yoga practices. 


Twists are important to practice in Spring because they target purification of the organs. Holding and releasing twisting poses improves circulation to our organs, essentially “wringing out” accumulated toxins and stimulating metabolism. 

Warrior Poses will build heat in our body burning up impurities and Winter weight.  These poses also lift our energy and motivate us into action and out of dormant Winter energy. 

Forward Folds are not only great for opening tight hamstrings, but allowing the head to fall below the heart encourages circulation of blood throughout the body as well as fluid to lymph nodes, stimulating and supporting the immune system. The folding motion also squeezes the belly, which moves things along for digestion.

Inversions take us upside down, and bring both uplifting energy to our mind and body as well as reversing the pull of gravity and thus improving circulation throughout the whole body. Always remember to practice these with caution or an experienced teacher. 

Deep Breathing/Pranayama helps clear the body of the metabolic waste product CO2 and invigorate the body’s tissues with fresh Oxygen. Focused deep breathing practices also calm the nervous system which promotes tissue repair and speeds healing.

Meditation helps us stay calm and centred through the changes of our life, and that includes seasonal changes. The change of season can be unsettling, so finding even just a few minutes a day to sit quietly and breath deeply will help you move through this transition with grace and ease.

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