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Your struggle is also your light 

January 28th, 2019 | no comments

You know that little voice in your head that tells you everyone else has it all figured out and something must be wrong with you for struggling with this? 

Yep, that one that makes you stay in rather than go out and face “how are you?” or plaster on a smile when inside you’re feeling low? 

Well, that little voice is lying. 

There’s nothing wrong with you for feeling low and you’re not the only one! 

Let’s get one thing clear: EVERYONE struggles and feels insecure sometimes, nobody is happy all the time and there is no magic handbook for life. 

How good does it feel when you realise you’re not the only one stressed, scared or overwhelmed by something? 

I hear this relief so much from my coaching clients and students (and have felt it many times myself). 

It’s made me wonder how much of our suffering comes not so much from the struggle or challenge in front of us but from believing everyone else has it all figured out except for us? 

I consider one of the greatest gifts of my career the opportunity I’ve had to listen to people’s deeper truths, from the struggles to the insights. 

It’s ingrained a deep knowing in me that we all go through lows, insecurities and doubt … AND we are ALL tremendously loving, empowered, creative light beings. 

Unfortunately, culture at large and social media in particularly can reinforce this illusion that some people are happy and perfect all of the time, causing us to be unnecessarily self critical when we’re not happy and choose to hide our feelings rather than reach out for support. 

Of course, this often causes us to spiral downwards even more. 

So please, share how you feel, not only for yourself, but for the other’s around you who may be feeling isolated and believing they’re the only one struggling. 

Marianne Williamson said, “By shining our light we unconsciously give others the permission to shine theirs.” 

Our light is our truth…from the highs to the lows. 

By sharing our truth we give others the permission to share their truth…and we all feel a little more connected, reassured, accepted and empowered. 

It’s not about complaining or getting stuck in the negative story, but rather about knowing we’re all in this life thing together. 

Being honest about our experience and journey helps not only us as individuals, but our whole society. 

So please, share your light, struggles and all!  

Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash

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